What is Forge?

Forge Portland is a community based accelerator and coworking space for social enterprises and freelancers trying to do good in the world. As a forerunner in the next generation of shared workspace we actively recruit innovative organizations with common objectives and challenges to create a synergistic work environment. Forge members have access to a suite of free services designed to help them run more efficiently. Members have access to free accounting templates, legal referral, business development, mentorship and intern placement. At Forge we are all stronger working together. "You have to love Forge. The upstart coworking space is moving quickly, gaining traction, and working really hard to bring compelling programming to the community." ~Silicon Florist

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Forge: Food is bringing in well-connected, local business experts to facilitate...

Forge Food Curriculum

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Forge Food Press Release



Freelancers Challenge: WHAT IS YOUR VALUE

When we left our story, the freelancers project (FLP) at Forge...

Freelancers Try New Way to Monetize

Rob Bart has a theory: Freelancers would all be richer if they paid each other for services...

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Upcoming Events

After Hours - Freelancers Union PDX
Forge Portland - Tiffany Center

Visit https://www.freelancersunion.org to join and attend the monthly get-togethers!...

OVLA Workshop
Forge Portland - Tiffany Center

More information to come soon!

Brown Bag Lunch with Mike Kalkofen

Please join us for our 6th Brown Bag Lunch to talk about your entrepreneurial accounting and...